About TL Power

TL Power, a leading industrial battery charger manufacturer, was established in 2014 in Weihai, Shandong, China. Since then we have established a 45,000 square meter facility.

Tl Power specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and sales of IP65 sealed industrial battery chargers that range from 300W to 9000W for a diverse range of applications including electric motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, UTVs, electric forklifts, patrol vehicles, lawn mowers, electric surfboards, electric boats, and more.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our IATF16949 certification and various product certifications such as UL, CE, CEC, DoE, PSE, KC, CB, and more.

Tailored Charging Innovations

The right charging partner equips you with solutions to build electric devices that your customers want to operate—with the performance, dependability and value that fit their everyday needs.

Unparalleled Reliability and Safety

TL Power’s charging solutions undergo comprehensive evaluations to ensure optimal safety, reliability and durability even under extreme circumstances—achieving maximum uptime and operational productivity.

A Trusted and Established Partner

Our streamlined manufacturing operations are engineered to deliver innovative solutions with agility, dependability and scale—empowering you to capitalize on opportunities ahead of competition.


With TL Power's unwavering commitment to engineering excellence, exceptional product quality and performance, we have become the provider of battery chargers for many top-tier OEMs, fueling the worldwide shift towards electrification.

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Global Partner

Your Strategic Charging Partner Far and Wide

At TL Power, we are dedicated to empowering the future of e-mobility as a trusted strategic partner on a global scale.

With a worldwide perspective and local expertise, we deliver innovative charging solutions that meet the needs of electrical vehicle manufacturers wherever they operate. Our international team provides consistent, high-quality support at every stage of a project.

We optimize our operations to handle the challenges of an ever-changing industry and client demands. Continuous improvements in supply chain and product design allow us to better serve our partners through faster response times and solutions suited to the latest standards.

Together, through a commitment to perfection down to the smallest detail, we create value that translates to real-world benefits for your business. Our goal is simple: to realize the long-term potential of our strategic alliances and shape a smarter future for e-mobility, side by side.

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From E-mobility to Aquatic power supplies

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No part of the world left untouched by our valued customers

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Battery Partners

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The Right Charger Makes the difference

A machine is only as strong as the power that fuels it. The charger you choose makes all the difference in getting the most from your equipment.

An optimized charge is a charge that fits. The right charger for your needs provides voltage and current tailored to your specs, ensuring components get what they need when they need it. Standard or mismatched chargers strain systems in the long run, unable to keep up with peak demand or adapt to unique requirements.

Precision charging means precision performance. When a custom charger is designed for your equipment, it delivers an ideal charge curve to match. Efficiency improves, heat generation decreases, and you gain the reliability of components performing as intended even under heavy use or challenging conditions.

Time matters in charging as in work. Fast, high-powered chargers get equipment back to productivity quickly, while standard options mean longer downtimes waiting to recharge. Custom chargers streamline the process, charging at maximum rates equipment can safely handle.

One size does not fit all in powering complex machinery. Only custom chargers address intricate engineering and system demands so that equipment hums at its highest potential from first use to the long run. Demand one designed for your needs at TL Power, and discover what a difference the right charge makes.