Automated guided vehicles
Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and mobile robots are transforming material handling and industrial operations. As these technologies rapidly advance, purpose-built power systems and charging solutions are essential for ensuring maximum productivity, efficiency and safety.

Bespoke power and charging for automated mobility

We offer on-board and off-board systems with charging profiles tailored to lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. Vehicle and robot power components are selected and engineered to operate in demanding conditions. Intelligent monitoring and diagnostics maximize uptime and performance. Over-the-air connectivity allows remote access, updates and data insights.

Proven. Reliable. Transformative

Solutions undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum productivity and dependability. Impact, vibration, thermal and chemical resistance enable non-stop operation in harsh environments like warehouses, distribution centers and factory floors. Compact, lightweight designs minimize interference and maximize payload.

Shaping an automated future together

Close collaboration with AGV, robotics and battery technology leaders help identify new opportunities for optimization and innovation. Partnerships are key to advancing platforms, ensuring interoperability and enabling large-scale adoption of automated systems globally.

The future of material transport and handling is automated, efficient and electric. Our years powering leaders in warehouse automation translate to solutions as cutting edge, reliable and transformative as your automated fleet. Expect maximum uptime, safety, data-driven insights and increasingly connected, eco-friendly options. The automated revolution is here – tap into the experience powering its possibilities.

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