Electrification is reinventing recreation and thrill rides. Electric go-karts, bumper cars and rollercoasters offer exciting new possibilities for eco-friendly fun and adventure. Ensuring high performance, maximum endurance and safety for these applications requires purpose-built power systems and charging solutions engineered for demanding conditions.

Bespoke power systems for every ride

We offer on-board and off-board charging with profiles calibrated to battery specifications. Components are selected and engineered to withstand high speeds, impacts, dust, moisture and temperature extremes. Intelligent features maximize battery life, monitor performance and enable remote connectivity。

Proven to push the limits of adventure

Solutions undergo intensive testing to ensure maximum endurance, dependability and safety in extreme operating conditions. High ingress protection, all-weather resistance and vibration tolerance allow uninterrupted operation. Compact, lightweight designs minimize interference and maximize speed, thrill and ride duration.

Partners in developing the future of thrill rides

Close collaboration with go-kart, bumper car, rollercoaster and lithium battery technology leaders helps identify new avenues for optimization and innovation. Together, we shape the possibilities for creating unforgettable zero-emission adventures.

The future of recreation and amusement parks is sustainable, electrified and connected. Expect maximum endurance, eco-efficiency, safety and performance to push the limits of exhilaration. The revolution in amusement is here – we power progress toward its possibilities. Join us. The future is fast, fun and emission-free.

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