At TL Power, we embed our passion for engineering excellence into every industrial battery charger we craft. We believe that perfection is not just a goal – but a promise to our customers. Our range of industrial battery chargers is designed with precision to cater to various heavy-duty applications.

From powering mobile elevated platforms to industrial machines, our IP65 sealed industrial chargers deliver robust performance catering from 300W to 9000W power needs.

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TL Power | Unmatched Engineering for Unbeatable Performance

Crafted to support demanding industrial applications, TL Power offers industrial battery chargers emphasizing longevity and adaptability to various motive power needs. Whether a single forklift battery charger in a warehouse or battery chargers for a fleet of electric vehicles, our technology guarantees high efficiency and compatibility.

Custom Solutions for Industry-Specific Demands

Understanding that every facility has unique needs, TL Power has developed a suite of solutions to extend the life and reliability of batteries, whether they are AGM, gel, or similar applications.

Our custom solutions are ready to fit the specific voltage and connector requirements your charging stations demand. Units are wall-mounted or integrated into your equipment, embodying flexibility and ease of use.

Choosing a suitable charger for your application is vital. With TL Power’s comprehensive range, you can be confident of finding an efficient charger designed to keep your industrial equipment charged and ready for service.

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Tailored Charging Innovations

We understand that generic solutions do not fit all. At TL Power, we deliver tailored charging solutions to match client-specific performance, dependability, and value needs.

Unparalleled Reliability and Safety

Our products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee optimal safety and reliability, even under extreme conditions. With TL Power battery chargers, expect maximum uptime and operational productivity that’s second to none.

Trusted and Established Expertise

TL Power is your seasoned charging partner, equipped with agile, reliable, and scalable manufacturing operations. Our advanced solutions empower you to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Our Products

TL Power CG Series (for Global Markets)

Our Products

TL Power BG Series (for EU Markets)