The future of transportation is electric, as innovations in power systems and components drive rapid growth in ecologically friendly options for mobility. Since we first launched vehicle power solutions nearly 20 years ago, our mission has remained the same: enable the widespread commercialization and mass adoption of electric vehicles through relentless advancement in technology, quality and reliability.

Tightening emissions regulations, rising eco-consciousness among consumers and decreasing battery costs have fueled investment, research and sales growth in electric motorcycles, three-wheelers and beyond. Rapid urbanization calls for affordable and sustainable transport options that incorporate the latest in power systems, charging solutions and connectivity.

Optimized power systems for all electric mobility needs

Our on-board and off-board charging options ensure maximum battery health, performance, efficiency and safety for lead-acid or lithium-ion systems. Vehicle power components are selected and engineered to thrive in demanding electric vehicle conditions. Intelligent features provide advanced monitoring, data insights and over-the-air updates.

Proven reliable to power the future of transit.

Solutions undergo intense testing to ensure maximum dependability, productivity and uptime. Thermal management, impact and chemical resistance allow operation in harsh environments. Compact, lightweight designs maximize range and payload capacity.

Shaping the future of transportation together

Close collaboration with industry leaders helps identify new opportunities for innovation in components, charging, connectivity and beyond. Partnerships are key to advancing technology, ensuring interoperability and driving mass adoption of sustainable transit solutions worldwide.

This is the future of transit, within your reach. Tap into years of experience delivering optimized power solutions for global leaders in electric vehicles. Expect power systems as visionary, dependable and transformative as the vehicles they enable. The future of transportation is happening now – power it with us.

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