Elevated work platforms(EWPs) enable operation at scale, increasing access, safety and efficiency for work at height. As these machines rapidly advance and applications expand, optimized power systems and charging solutions are essential to ensuring maximum uptime, reliability and performance – however high duty calls.

Tailored power and charging for any elevation

We offer robust, purpose-built on-board and off-board charging solutions with output calibrated to battery specifications. Components are selected and engineered to withstand extreme conditions at height for uninterrupted productivity. Intelligent features allow real-time performance monitoring, optimization and connectivity to maximize effective use of assets.

Proven solutions for scaling sustainable productivity

Our systems are tested extensively to ensure maximum uptime, endurance and safety at high altitudes and in harsh environments. All-weather operation, chemical/impact resistance and vibration tolerance enable continuous use across applications. Compact, lightweight designs minimize setup/transport requirements and environmental impact.

Partners in reaching new heights of efficiency

Close collaboration with leaders in lithium battery, motor and EWP technology helps identify new opportunities for optimizing aerial work. Strategic partnerships are key to driving interoperability, innovation and adoption of zero-emission options for productivity at scale.

The future of high-level work is automated, connected and sustainably powered. Years of experience delivering optimized power solutions for specialized vehicles translate to visionary systems capable of maximizing productivity however high the heights. Expect world-class efficiency, safety, performance and eco-friendly operation for aerial work at any elevation. The revolution is here – tap into the power behind its rise. Join us. The future works wonders at new heights.

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