WT 1200W ZG

Sealed Design
Portable/ Onboard
Cycle charging or floating charging for battery pack of lead-acid, lithium, NI-MH, NI-CD in E-scooter, E-motorcycle, ATV/UTV, golf cart, lawn mower, AGV, forklift, E-surfboard, E-boat, etc.
Charge from standard EV AC charging stations across North America and Europe


SAFETY & Certificates

Active PFC and LLC techniques applied.

Reliable hardware and voltage& current self-test protection.

Advanced charging strategy to ensure safety in the charging process.

In compliance with UL/CB/CE/KC/RCM/FCC/CEC/DOE/CP65 directives.


Integrated die casting technique for shell.

Inside filled with Organosilicon Encapsulant for heat-conducting, anti-shock, anti-aging.

Proven verification in all kinds of tough industrial environments (Wet, Hot, High vibration, Dust).


CAN BUS (Optional)

Auxiliary Power (Optional)

Vehicle Charging Interlock System (Optional)

External Indicator (Optional)

Technical Specifications

Rated AC Input Voltage Range: 120VAC/220~240VAC; 50/60Hz
AC Input Max Current: 12A

Models Battery Pack Rated Voltage Rated Voltage Output Range Max Output Current
WT36XX 36V 36V ~ 49V 25A
WT48XX 48V 48V ~ 66V 25A
WT60XX 60V 60V ~ 84V 20A
WT72XX 72V 72V ~ 100V 17A
WT80XX 80V 80V ~ 110V 12A
WT96XX 96V 96V ~ 120V 12A
All Models
Dimensions 335x 192x 144mm
Weight 5kg (11.0lb)
 All Models
Operating Temperature-30°C~65°C (-80℉~149℉)
Storage Temperature-40°C~95°C (-104℉~203℉)
IP RatingIP65

Protection Features

Burnout Protection

When the internal temperature of the charger exceeds the internal setting value, the charging current is automatically reduced; when the ambient temperature exceeds 65°C, the charger will automatically shut down for protection, and when the temperature is restored, charging will be automatically resumed.

Protection for Reverse Connection of Batteries

When the battery is connected in reverse, the internal circuit of the charger will disconnect itself from the battery, and the charger will not be damaged.

No-load Protection

No output when no battery is connected.

Short Circuit Protection

When the output short circuit occurs, the internal circuit of the charger and the battery are disconnected, and the charging can only be resumed after the fault is eliminated and the battery is reconnected

Automatic shutoff when fully charged