Material Handling

Material handling vehicles enable efficient transport and logistics at scale. As these technologies rapidly advance, optimized power and charging solutions are essential to maximizing productivity, sustainability and cost savings. Whether operating forklifts, automated guided vehicles or other platforms, we provide systems capable of powering possibility in motion.

Labor shortages and cost pressures accelerate transition to automated and eco-friendly material transport options. Growth in e-commerce and supply chain complexity increase demand for flexible, responsive handling equipment. Environmental regulations motivate adoption of zero-emission material handling vehicles. Improvements in lithium-ion batteries, compact motor and power electronics design enable high-performance electric options at lower cost. Connectivity allows advanced asset management, predictive diagnostics and over-the-air updates for maximizing utilization.

Tailored power and charging for every handling need

We offer robust on-board and opportunity charging solutions with output matched to battery specifications. Components are selected and engineered to withstand demanding duty cycles. Intelligent features enable advanced connectivity, performance monitoring and optimization to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Proven to power sustainable productivity in motion

Our systems are tested rigorously to ensure maximum endurance, reliability and safety. All-weather operation, impact/chemical resistance and vibration tolerance allow continuous use in harsh environments. Compact, ergonomic designs minimize setup needs and maximize maneuverability and payload capacity.

Partners in pioneering zero-emission material handling

Close collaboration with leaders in lithium battery, charging systems, and handling equipment technology helps identify new opportunities for optimization. Strategic cooperation is key to driving interoperability, innovation and adoption of eco-friendly, data-driven handling vehicle platforms.

The future of material transport is automated, connected and sustainably powered. Years of experience delivering optimized power solutions for motive applications translate to visionary systems capable of maximizing productivity and cost efficiency however demanding the duty. Expect world-class performance, safety, uptime and sustainability to keep your operations moving. The revolution is in motion – tap into the power driving it forward. Join us. The future moves seamlessly.

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