New technologies are redefining the possibilities for off-road adventure. Electric all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and utility task vehicles (UTVs) offer zero-emission options for recreation, ranching, surveying and more. Ensuring high performance, maximum range and safety for these machines requires purpose-built power systems and charging solutions engineered to withstand punishing conditions.

Bespoke power and charging for any adventure

We offer robust on-board and portable charging with profiles tailored to battery specifications. Components are selected and engineered to thrive in harsh, remote environments. Rugged, waterproof designs provide intelligent features for maximizing battery life, performance monitoring and wireless connectivity.

Proven to power sustainable off-road exploration

Solutions undergo intensive real-world testing to ensure maximum endurance, dependability and safety. All-terrain durability, extreme temperature operation and high ingress protection allow uninterrupted operation across environments. Compact, lightweight builds minimize environmental impact while maximizing range and payload.

Partners in pioneering zero-emission off-road adventure

Close collaboration with leaders in electric ATV/UTV, lithium battery and charging technology helps identify new opportunities for optimization and innovation. Together, we shape the possibilities for high-performance, connected and eco-friendly off-road recreation and work transportation.

The future of off-roading is electric, automated and sustainable. Years of experience delivering optimized power solutions for specialized vehicles translate to systems as visionary, rugged and transformative as your needs demand. Expect maximum range, productivity, safety, efficiency and performance for adventures on and off the beaten path. The revolution in off-road adventure is here – we power progress toward its possibilities. Join us. The future explores endlessly.

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