Outdoor Power Equipment
Outdoor Power Equipment

New technologies are transforming how we work and play outside. Electric mowers, snow blowers, chainsaws and other battery-powered tools offer eco-friendly, lower-maintenance options for landscaping, snow removal, and yard care. High-performance power systems and charging solutions are required to maximize productivity, reliability and safety of these machines in demanding outdoor conditions.

Purpose-built power for every outdoor need

We offer on-board and off-board charging systems with charge profiles tailored to battery specifications. Components are selected and engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, impacts, moisture and vibrations. Intelligent features maximize battery life, monitor performance and enable over-the-air updates.

Proven to power sustainable productivity outdoors

Solutions undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum uptime and reliability in harsh environments. Impact/ crush-resistance, all-weather operation and chemical inertness enable use in punishing conditions. Compact, ergonomic designs minimize fatigue and maximize workload.

Partners in advancing eco-efficiency outside

Close collaboration with leaders in battery, motor, tool and mower technology helps identify new avenues for optimization. Together, we shape the possibilities of automated, high-performance and emission-free productivity for home and work.

The future of yard maintenance, landscaping and outdoor power is electric, connected and sustainable. Our years of experience delivering optimized power solutions for global leaders in outdoor equipment and tools translate to systems as rugged, responsive and transformative as your needs demand. Expect maximum productivity, safety, efficiency and eco-friendly performance for all your tasks outside. The revolution in outdoor power is here – we are powering progress toward its possibilities. Join us. The future works and plays outdoors.

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