Floor Care

The floor care industry operates in demanding conditions, requiring equipment that delivers unfailing performance and reliability. At the heart of high-performance floor care machines are advanced power systems and charging solutions engineered to meet these extreme demands.

Trends Driving Floor Care Innovation

Environmental policies and sustainability goals are accelerating adoption of lithium-ion batteries and more energy-efficient equipment. Operators seek maximum run time and faster charging to enhance productivity. Onboard data and connectivity provide real-time insights to optimize machine and fleet performance.

The right power solution for your needs

Designing charging systems for individual floor care machines or entire fleets requires consideration of factors like battery type, charge rates, energy efficiency and data capabilities. We offer on-board, off-board charging options sealed to IP65 standards, with charge profiles calibrated to battery specifications.

Enduring performance by design

Our power systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum reliability in floor care industry conditionswhich provide intelligent charging, monitoring and connectivity features. Components are selected and engineered to thrive under vibration, high-heat, accidental impact, and exposure to water, dust and the harshest chemicals.

Continual advancement through partnership.

Close customer collaboration helps us identify new opportunities for optimization and innovation. Together, we are shaping the future of sustainable power and energy-efficient equipment to meet the ever-evolving needs of the floor care industry.

Discover how optimized power systems and connected charging solutions from TL Power can drive new levels of productivity, efficiency and performance for your floor care operation. Years of experience serving this industry translate to power systems that run as relentlessly as the machines they power.

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