TL Power’s heavy-duty battery chargers are engineered for resilience and efficiency, ensuring your equipment remains operational in the harshest conditions. Key benefits include robust longevity, fast-charging capabilities, low-noise fan cooling mechanism, and advanced safety features.

Heavy Duty Battery Charger Applications



TL Power heavy-duty chargers enable rapid charging, ensuring drivers have minimal downtime and can stay mobile longer.
Outdoor Power Equipment

Outdoor Power Equipment

Our chargers offer consistent charge performance and prolong battery life for uninterrupted work.

Mobile Roberts & AGV

Mobile Robots & AGV

These smart chargers ensure autonomous vehicles such as AGVs function efficiently with less downtime, enhancing automated workflow.
Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

The weather-seal feature provides dependable protection for outdoor applications such as mobile lifts and platforms.
marine power supply

Marine Power Supply

TL Power’s safe and stable energy output ensures essential marine equipment remains operational.

Electric Specialty Vehicles

Electric Specialty Vehicles

Tailored to unique voltages and currents, our chargers keep specialty vehicles ready for action.

Technological Benefits

TL Power’s heavy-duty battery chargers offer a wide range of features suitable for heavy-duty battery charging.

Power 300W – 9000W
Charging Type Cycle Charging, Floating Charging
Portability On-board, portable
Supported Battery Chemistry Lead-Acid, Lithium, NI-MH, NI-CD
Phase Three-phase, Three-wire + PE line
Features PFC, LLC, voltage and current self-test protection, die-cast shell, anti-shock, anti-aging
Certifications IATF16949, UL, CE, CEC, DoE, PSE, KC, CB, RCM
Functions CAN BUS, Auxiliary Power, CC Function at DC output, Vehicle Charging Interlock System, Bluetooth
Protection Features Burnout, reverse connection of batteries, no-load, short circuit, automatic shutoff when fully charged
Efficiency ≥90%
Noise ≤55dB
Operating Temperature -30°C to 65°C (-80℉ to 149℉)
Storage Temperature -40°C to 95°C (-104℉ to 203℉)
Battery Pack Rated Voltage 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 84V
Max Output Current 5 – 100 A
Max Output Voltage 33 – 180 V
1800W CG

Why Choose TL Power

  • Tailored Charging Solutions | Innovations that meet customers’ needs with performance, dependability, and value. Delivery within 14 days of submitting order.

  • Unparalleled Reliability and Safety | We ensure optimal performance in extreme conditions for maximum uptime and productivity.

  • Trusted Partner | Efficient manufacturing for innovative solutions, agility, dependability, and scale to outpace competition.

  • Quality | Our approach embeds quality from supplier to end user in every unit.

  • Superior Service | Ongoing support for customer satisfaction. Quick issue resolution.

  • Future-Ready Technology | Embrace advancement with TL Power’s patented chargers designed to adapt to the evolving standards of electric devices.

  • Eco-friendly Operations | Our battery chargers and maintainers are certified for energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprint and operational costs.

  • Comprehensive Warranty Protection | Our clear warranty covers defects and performance issues.

Experience TL Power’s innovative heavy duty battery charging solutions for yourself. Contact us to learn more and get started now!