Charge with confidence! – Explore our advanced WT5000W PH Sealed Design Battery Chargers, perfect for various applications, including forklifts and E-boats. Experience the seamless synergy of performance, durability, and safety every time you power up.

Discover Power & Precision with TL Power

TL Power’s battery charger range offers plenty of benefits.

High-Performance for High-Demand

Our new battery chargers are built for the demands of industrial environments, providing cycle charging or floating charging for lead-acid, NI-MH, NI-CD, and lithium-ion batteries. They are ideal for ensuring your forklifts, E-boats, or other electric vehicles are always ready to perform.

Where Safety Meets Reliability

Active PFC and LLC Techniques

Active PFC ensures optimized electrical efficiency and power factor, while LLC resonant topology guarantees reliability even under demanding conditions.

Integrated Die Casting

The charger's shell uses an integrated die-casting process, ensuring durable protection.

Organosilicon Encapsulant

Internal components are protected with organosilicon, providing heat conduction, shock resistance, plug-in connector protection, and anti-aging properties.

Features at a Glance

  • CAN BUS System for smart communication
  • Auxiliary Power to drive external devices
  • Vehicle Charging Interlock System ensures operational safety
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for convenient wireless control
  • LED Display Panel showing real-time status
  • External Indicator for visible charge monitoring
  • Advanced Stage Charge Process to maintain battery life
  • Forced Air Cooling to ensure optimal performance

Intelligent Thermal Protection

Automatically reduces current in high internal temperatures. Shuts down at ambient temperatures above 65°C, resuming charge automatically upon cooling.

Optional Temperature Compensation Sensor

With the optional temperature compensation option installed, the sensor supplied automatically adjusts the charging process based on battery temperature. This enhances battery life and performance by preventing overcharging and undercharging.

360° Protection

  • Reverse Battery Connection – Protects against reverse polarity without damage to the charger.
  • No-Load and Short Circuit Protections – Safety mechanisms engage when no battery is connected or an output short circuit occurs.

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